My Notorious Life

My Notorious Life - Kate Manning

I have recently discovered a liking for historic novels sent in the same time period as this book, and all of them contained similar elements to this one.

Its based on true events, has strong feisty female characters uncommon for the times and more importantly these stories stayed with me long after I finished reading. Like The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell and Half Broke Horses the main protagonist of this book, Axie, crept into my heart.

All these books have its own tale of female suppression in a misogynistic world but with this one it had an added layer of moral issues as it dealt with abortion and the right for women to decide if they wanted to terminate a pregnancy. I am strongly Pro-Choice in this matter and felt the desperation, hopelessness and need of all these women very strongly even though I never had to make a choice like this myself.

The latter part of the book dealt with the legal persecution of Madam X (Axie) which was not as captivating as the first 2/3 of the book. Efforts like this to emancipate women would take another century to finally culminate into the infamous Roe vs Wade court ruling but at least it finally came.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction or who enjoyed the other two books mentioned.

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