Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal - Mary Roach

I absolutely love this author’s inquisitive mind, writing style, humour and the subject matters she chooses.  My favourite is still Stiff but this one is a close second.  It had me bursting out laughing even with the high yuk factor of the content.


In typical Mary Roach style:

“No engineer could design something as multifunctional and fine-tuned as an anus. To call someone an asshole is really bragging him up.”


She dives into the subject at hand discussing topics ranging from what makes pet food irresistible to Fido to "taboo" topics as intestinal gas and our bowel habits. We read about the dangers of prisoners secreting contraband in their stomachs or up their bottoms.   It also looks at the digestive systems of competitive eaters and we even learn why Elvis died, and yep it was on the toilet.  


And these are not even the odd sections of the book.  That’s reserved for discussing where the myth of fire breathing dragons come from (they are basically gassy snakes), what morning breath really is, why rabbits and rats eat their own droppings and things I never wanted to know, ie the anal violin.  Take it from me, don’t eat while reading this :-)


The only criticism I have is that with an Kindle the footnotes at the end of each chapter becomes a bit confusing as you cannot easily just flip back pages to see what she is referring to.


This book will not be to everyone’s taste (excuse the slight pun) but I loved it!