Shining girls

The Shining Girls - Lauren Beukes

4 ½ stars

This story gripped me like no other psychological thriller! This 3rd book by the author is very different to Zoo City but no less powerful in its writing.

It follows the demented journey of a serial killer who gets drawn to a House which serves as a portal into other times. He has a seemingly uncontrollable compulsion to follow where the House leads him and you almost feel as if he doesn’t have a choice in what he is doing…. However don’t let this fool you; he was mentally cracked in the head long before the temptation of the House came on the scene. Harper would compulsively seek out “shining girls” those that are bright with potential, and make first contact when they are still young girls. He then catches up with them when they are grown up…..Some of the scenes are exceptionally graphic so be warned.

Kirby is the only Shining Girl that eludes Harper and the dynamics between her and Dan reminded me of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Kirby starts working as an intern and is assigned to work for Dan the Sports writer at a Chicago newspaper but she is more interested in investigating murders similar to the profile of the man that attacked her.

I really loved that the author has the ability to make you feel fully invested in a character within the span of a page or two – I was rooting for each and every Shining Girl! I cannot I cannot praise this author enough and recommend this to all my GR friends even if, like me, you are not into psychological thrillers – this felt like something completely different.

Oh and the bonus short story at the end was just as brilliant (and this one had a Zoo City feel)!