Mad about the Boy

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy  - Helen Fielding

I have long outgrown chick lit but as I am a closet Bridget fan I could not resist this 3rd instalment.


At a good few sections left me quite unexpectedly sad as Bridget reminised about her Mark Darcy, how she became a widow, the hardship of bringing kids up on her own and how much she missed him.  But as all this was done in the typical effervescent and distinct Bridget style I had a smile even during these more poignant bits.


I think what makes this series so successful is that all of us can identify with at least one or two scenarios between the pages which enables us to laugh in a certain amount of relief at our own cringe-worthy mishaps. 


The obesity clinic and botox episodes are especially noteworthy as they made me literally howl with laughter and I really enjoyed the adorable Mabel which reminded me so much of my friend Tania’s daughter. 


If you are a Bridget fan then you HAVE to read this, or if you are looking for an easily digestible yet moving holiday read then this is the book for you.