Teeth - Hannah Moskowitz

If you are picking this up expecting a straightforward story you will be left disappointed because it is anything but that.

The story:
Rudy's family moved to the island in a last-ditch attempt to save the life of his younger brother, who developed cystic fibrosis as a toddler. Unable to obtain a lung transplant, the parents heard about this island with magic fish and gave up their normal life to move to this tiny, weird place in the middle of the ocean. Then we meet Teeth….. he is one of a kind, difficult to describe without sounding ridiculous, he hangs on the fringes of the human world with no true place in it.

The plot itself is a mixture of magical realism and contemporary. It explores the darker sides of humanity, and there are quite a few disturbing scenes and classifying it as young adult is a serious stretch.

The only criticism I can think of giving is because the story revolves so much around Rudy and Teeth all the other characters stay at the fringes and do not get fully explored.

This is my first book by this author but will definitely not be my last; the writing is utterly mesmerising, the characters so so complex and the storyline…. Well she clearly has a vivid if slightly twisted imagination. My kinda author.