Choke - Chuck Palahniuk

Be warned, this book is not for everyone.

You will find addiction, depravity, sex acts of all kinds (which I found hilarious to the point of serious worry about myself), death, pain, obsession, profanity and blasphemy and thats just for Chapter 1.

The main protagonist is unlikable, disgusting and an ass but somehow I found myself really enjoying this twisted story which reminded me somewhat of Tom Robbins novels.

The storyline: Our main character has perfected fake choking in fancy restaurants to an art, the money he gets from his swindle act he uses to support his ailing mother.

The storyline is told through flashbacks of his highly unorthodox childhood to present day where he not only struggles with sex addition but has to suffer daily humiliation working at a colonial theme park.

This will most definitely not be my last Chuck Palahniuk book even if for the life of me I cannot pronounce his surname.